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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Member Section
Question: Where can I renew my membership?

LCIFC membership is US$40/HK$320/RMB$320 per year or US$78/HK$600/RMB$600 for two years (or 6.25% discount). The payment methods are as follow:

- Directly credit card payment at LCIFC On-line Store

- Bank cheque: make payable to 'Chi Tao Studio' and send to the following address:

Leslie Cheung Internet Fan Club C/O Chi Tao Studio
PO 78801
Mong Kok Post Office
Hong Kong

Note: must be payable in Hong Kong dollar and to a local bank in Hong Kong, please write down your username on back of the cheque, also email info@lesliecheung.com that you are going to pay the LCIFC membership by cheque.

- you can also pay LCIFC membership via PayPal. (1 Year or 2 Years)


Question: Can I use username@lesliecheung.com in Email field instead of my real email address?
Answer: No, actually, you shouldn't, the Email field must be the actual email address of yours. In addition, the email displayed under member community is in the format of username@lesliecheung.com. Hence your privacy is protected.
Question: Sharing accounts?
Answer: Sharing account is strictly prohibited, in fact, the back-end application server checks for concurrent logins in real time and the robot will disable any account violation immediately if found. Our system administrators will also constantly review member activity logs daily.
Question: Where can I find the application form ?
Answer: You can apply on-line here.
Question: I recently joined LCIFC, I missed so many back issue of the newsletter update, where can I find the LCIFC newsletter archive ?
Answer: All previous LCIFC newsletter can be found at this link.
Question: I lost my password, how can I get it back?
Answer: You are suggested to contact LCIFC support team at info@lesliecheung.com directly.
Question: I am from China, I do not have credit card nor I have an easy way to send cheque to oversea, what should I do?
Answer: LCIFC has a special pay by cash arrangement for China members. For detail, please refer to the membership activation instruction.
Question: How do I change my fowarding email address?
Answer: You need to login to Member area, then click Modify Account where you can update to your new email address
Question: Can I pay my LCIFC membership via Paypal??
Answer: Yes, you are welcome to pay LCIFC membership via PayPal. (1 Year or 2 Years)
Question: Which countries does LCIFC members come from?
Answer: We have members from every countries around the world, including Australia, USA, China, Canada, Japan, England, Malaysia, Singapore, Finland, France, Korea...etc
Question: Recently, I've received so many junk mail, is this because LCIFC leaks my personal information to third party?

We won't and in fact this is against the HKSAR law.

There are many ways your email may be misused by third party, may be you left your email in public BBS, or during sign-up for other on-line services that do not related to lesliecheung.com at all.

We have enhanced our email server security recently and any potential junk mail will be blocked. In addition, we also disabled email display in our forum.

Of course, you are welcome to report any incidence to info@lesliecheung.com.

Question: What is the password for viewing multimedia files?
Answer: It is the same username and password as for login to LCIFC.
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