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12/14/2001 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Leslie Cheung fans around the world!

For Immediate Release

During the past months, with the hard working LCIFC staff teams and the professional services from the Internet consulting firm Chi Tao Studio and hkinteractive.com, LCIFC successfully launched many long planned sub-sites such as automated on-line registration and payment system, shopping mall, auctions, discussion forums, chat rooms, free mail services, jukebox and e-cards. Many members wrote to LCIFC the happiness they felt when they see all the great changes since the re-launch last year this time!

"I was very moved when seeing all the previous contributions done by LCIFC staffs and members over the past 8 years. Previously, I was working with Yahoo Hong Kong and I was invited by the management of LCIFC in Dec 2000 and joined this big family in Jan 2001 and it has always been a great pleasure working with different teams since. The publishing time was always tight for the editorial team and most of us are always working till the midnights. The most difficult part is to sort out many historical materials and publish them onto our on-line digital library..." said Christine Leung, Senior Operation Manager of LCIFC.

We are very proud of what we have achieved during the past 12 months, such as LCIFC members sign-up rate has increased by 500% for the past 3 months and we have members from 15 countries around the world now; the average page views on lesliecheung.com network is over 120,000 per day and with more than 6,000 unique visitors; the average transfer rate has also increased from 100M per day to 3.2G per day, the message in our guest book increases to 2012 compares with the peak 368 in 1998; More than 122,800 fans have signed up @gorgor.com and growing. To cope with the heavy traffic demand, we have increased our distributed servers to 15 in different parts of the world.

"The life being the Senior Operation Manger and managing a team of web designers, developers, editors and engineers is very exciting and challenging, especially part of the teams works in a virtual office and locates in different part of the world. (ie, we constantly held on-line meetings and different materials were submitted from around the world to the centralized database to be published each day). " said Christine Leung, Senior Operation Manager of LCIFC.

Thank you very much all your support over the years towards LCIFC!

We wish you a very happy Xmas and happy New Year!!!

About lesliecheung.com

Since 1994, lesliecheung.com has been the leading entertainment portal in the region with members around the world. lesliecheung.com aims to create an one-stop portal for fans around the world to extend their support onto the web and provide latest information about the Hong Kong's most successful artist Leslie Cheung.

Visit www.lesliecheung.com

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