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8/16/2003 Exclusive Partnership with Sapphire Asia and special discount package for LCIFC members

For Immediate Release

We are very pleased to announce the exclusive partership with Sapphire Asia, the leading ASP (Application Service Provider) in digital asset management agreed to provide special discount package for all LCIFC members to build their on-line gallery.

LCIFC members can choose the Service Plan 3 for only US$191.76 per year (60% OFF from the original price is US$479.40) and this offer is limited, you can order this service on-line now and start to build your own digital library for Leslie.

In addition, LCIFC also has the solution for those who would like to host your homepage for Leslie permanently on lesliecheung.com, details can be found in Personal Homepage Hosting.

About Sapphire Asia:

Sapphire Asia is the leading ASP (Application Service Provider) in digital asset management. Our enterprise level application makes creating and maintaining digital images and multimedia files a snap. You manage the digital asset by yourself all from the powerful (and very easy to use) administration Web interface.

DEMO Site: Please login with username=demo, password=demo when asked.

Key Features :

- Supports unlimited Categories and Sub-Categories: You can have as many according to your plan's storage. Plus virtually unlimited files per category.

- Real Time Thumbnail Creation: The Sapphire Asia Digital Asset Manager will be able to create thumbnails of your JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG files on the fly.

- Send File as email Attachement: The Sapphire Asia Digital Asset Manager comes with a plug-in to allow your visitors to select any file from your digital library and send it as email attachement!

- Lots of new data fields to describe your files : Provide keywords, descriptions etc to describe your files, you can even embed HTML code to integrate Sapphire Asia Digital Asset Manager with a shoping cart such as Paypal.

- Supports all kinds of files : With the Sapphire Asia Digital Asset Manager, you will be able to organize and maintain any kind of multimedia content on your site: photos, animations, movies, videos, MP3's, WAVs, Real Media, Word docs, Excel docs, Flash animations, all of these file types and more are supported. Plus, you can add support for any file type that you want!

- Ergonomic Control Panel : The administrator tasks can be done using a web browser on a 100% user-friendly and ergonomic interface. Even newcomers and non-technical users will have no problem working with the application.

- Favorites Feature : Visitors can selecte files to their favorite folder and then have them sent by e-mail, and you can keep a log of the e-mails addresses provided.

- Slide Show : The digital gallery is capable of displaying images in slide show mode with adjusted loading time per file.

- No FTP Required : Images and multimedia files can be uploaded from within the Sapphire Asia Digital Asset Manager.

- Multi-Langal Supported : The Sapphire Asia Digital Asset Manager supports unlimited langauages, for example, English, Traditional and Simplifed Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and many more.

- Password Protected Diretory: This feature is useful if you want to setup an internal viewing only digital library.

- Powerful Database Index : Your files are not stored on a database, but Sapphire Asia Digital Asset Manager creates a complete index of your files for faster browsing exprience.

- Seamless integration with your site : We can customize the application to give any look and style to your site's style!

- Powerful Navigation system : Users can browse your gallery by browsing through your categories or by using a search engine system.

- Default Thumbnails : If a file has no thumbnail assigned, a default thumbnail is displayed displaying the file type.

- Hit Tracking and Rating System : The system keeps a record of the number of hits that each file receives plus users can also rate the files!

- Rich-Click Blocking option : Disable right-clicks for preventing visitors from stealing your files.

Working with Sapphire Asia Digital Asset Manager is extremely easy:

1. Upload Your Files: Create your categories and subcategories. Then, from within the application, upload your files.

2. Rebuild Your Index: Once your files have been uploaded. Click the "Rebuild" button in order to create an index of your files in the system database. Add descriptions if you want to your files through the easy-to-use file viewer, and set the properties of your gallery.

3. Browse Your Digital Library: Let your visitors browse your on-line digital library, they'll be able to bookmark their favorite files and have them sent by e-mail. A wonderful multimedia experience!

Sapphire Asia Digital Asset Manager is not just another picture gallery administration system, it works as a completely web-based file repository supporting all types of files and multimedia content!

Sapphire Asia Digital Asset Manager has been deployed on Intranets to share files and maintaing a digital assets administration system, it has been used to maintain brochures and even as a music catalog, the creative idea is unlimited with our service, experience the difference today!

About lesliecheung.com

Since 1994, lesliecheung.com has been the leading entertainment portal in the region with members around the world. lesliecheung.com aims to create an one-stop portal for fans around the world to extend their support onto the web and provide latest information about the Hong Kong's most successful artist Leslie Cheung.

Visit www.lesliecheung.com

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Email: info@lesliecheung.com


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