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10/3/2003 Important Notice: Temporary suspension of LCIFC discussion forum for public access

For Immediate Release

LCIFC worldwide network has been attacked this morning from 11:14AM to 4:04PM (October 3rd, 2003, Hong Kong Local Time). Analysis from LCIFC Network Security Team indicates that this attack is a professionally well-planned and determined one as the attackers initiated the attacking to our worldwide servers from different locations around the world.

The hardest hit area is the LCIFC discussion forum servers that we received more than 100,000 requests per second from different location around the world. Many of our visitors and members experienced extremely slow response or even server address not found problems. In other words, the attacker has executed a very well planned Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) against our servers.

Damage Report:
Apparently there is no obvious damage across LCIFC as we have checked. LCIFC main site, LCIFC membership system, Store, Auction Site, Jukebox, eCard, Polling, Chat, Webmail are all functioning properly except LCIFC Discussion Forum that many current topics were flooded with junk replies and some important forum data were corrupted during the attack.

At 12:30PM, our network security consultants were called in to solve the problem immediately and they quickly identified the problem and worked with our worldwide data center companies and successfully stopped the continuous DDOS at rounter level around 1:30PM.

At 2:00PM, LCIFC Technical support team was asked to restore the data from the backup tape for the LCIFC discussion forum and everything has been restored successfully around 2:45PM. Furthermore, the detailed attacking information and log files are going to be submitted to Hong Kong Police Digital Crime Division for further analysis.

Preventions and Solutions:
After LCIFC management team met with the network security consultants around 3:00PM, we have decided to temporarily close the LCIFC Discussion Forum for public access until further notice. Our application development team will be working closely with network security team strategically to enhance the security and investigating a better way to prevent this kind of attack happening next time. For LCIFC members, they will continue to have limited access to the forum area and we will closely monitor the network traffic and further action will be taken if necessary.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at info@lesliecheung.com

Thank you very much for your attention!

Best Regards,
Operation Manager

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Since 1994, lesliecheung.com has been the leading entertainment portal in the region with members around the world. lesliecheung.com aims to create an one-stop portal for fans around the world to extend their support onto the web and provide latest information about the Hong Kong's most successful artist Leslie Cheung.

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