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6/23/2004 LCIFC has secured domain name lesliecheung.biz

For Immediate Release

Leslie Cheung Internet Fan Club (LCIFC) has secured top 2nd level domain lesliecheung.biz on June 23rd, 2004, besides the 3 top-level international domain names lesliecheung.com (secured on April 10, 1997), lesliecheung.net (secured on April 4, 2002) and lesliecheung.org (secured on March 22, 2001) . As a result, we have completely owned a set of top Internet domain names by June 2004, which is another great break through in LCIFC history.

Fans around the world can now access to LCIFC web sites using any of the following URLs

LCIFC has also finished upgrading its infrastructure, partnered with UUNET, DELL and IXTech. We have successfully deployed over 35 load balancing web, database, and application servers around the world.

We will continue our best works and 100% dedicate to serve global fans better in getting the latest information and access to huge amount of digital references about Hong Kong most famous pop star Leslie Cheung.

About lesliecheung.com

Since 1994, lesliecheung.com has been the leading entertainment portal in the region with members around the world. lesliecheung.com aims to create an one-stop portal for fans around the world to extend their support onto the web and provide latest information about the Hong Kong's most successful artist Leslie Cheung.

Visit www.lesliecheung.com

Public Relationship
Email: info@lesliecheung.com


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