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Title: 布宜諾斯艾利斯·攝氏零度
(Buenos Aires Zero Degree: The Making of Happy Together)
Director: 關本良/李業華 Publisher: 澤東
Released Time: Year 1999 Rating: 60.0%
Cast: 關淑怡
Total Vote: 14
《 春 光 乍 洩 》 就 快 要 開 鏡 了 , 我 雖 身 為 導 演 , 但 片 中 兩 個 角 色 只 不 過 是 藏 於 我 腦 海 的 印 象 , 我 僅 可 以 為 角 色 找 到 短 暫 容 身 之 所 , 但 其 餘 的 一 概 欠 奉 。 漸 漸 地 , 我 迷 失 了 時 間 觀 念 , 日 子 不 過 重 複 自 己 , 我 開 始 體 會 到 流 放 的 滋 味 。 我 幻 想 自 己 或 會 留 有 一 些 紀 錄 , 一 些 只 用 來 娛 樂 自 己 的 記 述 。 某 程 度 上 , 這 部 片 正 是 我 想 像 中 的 紀 錄 。

The documentary BUENOS AIRES ZERO DEGREES: THE MAKING OF HAPPY TOGETHER features footage left on the cutting room floor by director Wong Kar-Wai. The footage includes: all the scenes involving Shirley Kwan Suk-Yi, a shower scene featuring Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, an attempted suicide by Tony Leung's character, and a scene showing Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing's character as a woman. Originally the film was to have ended with Leung's suicide. However, Wong decided not to have any scenes of bloodshed.
Classic Movie Clips
ID Clip Image Description Video Length
1 Make a wish and Happy Birthday to Leslie and celebration with the crew on September 12, 1997 in Buenos Aires. The same group of people has been with me since my early film. x 3:45
2 Selecting shooting scene and communicate with the crews in Buenos Aires. Leslie practices Tango with Tony...I was hungry for details of these two men's lives. x 3:34
3 WKW want to understand how people lives and their custom in Buenos Aires. A trip to the various corners in the scene. "Do you still reconigze my voice...", the famous "Lai Yuk Fai, Shall we start it all over again?"... x 5:02
4 "What are you looking for", the scene Lai committed suicide. Things has been changed a lot since we left...Did they know it would be so cold in Summer here? (I didn't know myself.) Do they get lonely? x 4:11
5 Doctor who's admired Lai, each character can tell an interesting story...the scene in the hospital saving Lai. "Actually Ho Bo Wing's name is mine", "I want to take back something..." WKW "But I don't want the ending to be..." x 4:54
6 The scene Leslie dresses up with female costume. Ho Bo Wing's starting again actually has two meanings...During my stay in Argentina, I gradually lost my sense of time. x 4:29
7 After Leslie left, we have stopped shooting for quite a while, everyone wants to go back to Hong Kong. "I miss Hong Kong and I've dreamt about my Mum" said Tony Leung. Chang Chen appears in the scene and he looks like the young Leslie... x 10:24
8 The scene shows Shirley Kwan stays in game center. Chang Zhen starts a fight with a stranger on the train and later encountered Shirley Kwan. The south end of the world...this is the end of the highway, shall we go back? x 6:12
9 Jan 1, 1997, I decided to go to the fall again. I want to leave quietly...WKW always tells me the same thing. "We should be leaving after 10 days...". Shirley Kwan and Tony Leung's main scene begins "It's me again, I don't want to leave and I want be with you." x 9:43
10 Shirley kissed Tony and said goodbye to him. "Movie is part of my life, I couldn't separate movie from my life before, but now I can...". "...in a land of zero degree, with neither cast nor west, has neither day nor night, which is neither cold nor warm, I learned the feeling of exile." WKW x 5:54

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