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Title: 煙飛煙滅
(From Ashes To Ashes)
Director: 張國榮 Publisher: 香港電台
Released Time: Year 2000 Rating: 66.5%
Cast: 梅艷芳
Total Vote: 22
Lawrence 及 Gladys 無 論 o係 工 作 上 或 私 生 活 上 , 都 係 煙 不 離 手 。 兩 人 吸 煙 所 造 成 o既 二 手 煙 令 兒 子 隱 藏 o既 血 癌 加 速 病 發 , 二 人 因 此 深 感 內 疚 。
Classic Movie Clips
ID Clip Image Description Video Length
1 Leslie is a professional photographer and shoot magazine cover post for model QiQi. His nephew LeHom like QiQi very much and Leslie reminded him "Be Professional!" x 1:32
2 Leslie plays toys with his son Chris, his wife Anita called and saying she will be back late. x 1:06
3 Leslie discover the burses on Chris back while putting him into sleep. Leslie spent a quite night with Anita on the couch. "See You? What a wife!" x 2:34
4 The whole family went out for an outdoor trip and the sunshine seemed bring hopes to Chris. x 0:40
5 Chris always has noise bleeding and later proved he got cancer due to second hand smoke. The doctor told the couple to quit smoke immediately. x 1:41
6 Chris is in danger and past away. Leslie was very depressed and cannot help to cry out besides LeHom. x 2:50
7 At the monument, Leslie and Anita say good bye to their beloved son Chris. x 2:52

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