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4/27/2004 Bid LCIFC membership on eBay
3/30/2004 Public access to LCIFC discussion forum has been resumed after nearly 5 months of server hardware upgrade and forum application performance tuning.
3/10/2004 Notice to all FREE MAIL @GORGOR.COM user, if you signed up the service before March 2003, please use the temporary password 'password' to login, we apologize for the inconvenience.
3/5/2004 System Notice: Major hardware failure on our centralized database servers in Hong Kong and our technical team is working on the issue and restoring the data, thank you very much for your patience.
1/3/2004 LCIFC network team has successfully upgraded its global web, database, application and streaming servers and network infrastructure in order to cope with the coming exponential growth
10/5/2003 Second round DDOS attack has been immediately caught and stopped by LCIFC Network Security Team in 6:45AM (Hong Kong Time)
10/3/2003 Network Security team estimates the earliest resume time for LCIFC forum is 6:00pm(HKT). For security reasons, we will only allow members to have full access to topics temporarily until further notice
10/3/2003 Service Suspended Notice: LCIFC forum servers are under heavy Distributed Denial of Service attack. We are currently working with the ISPs and the Hong Kong police to solve this problem.
9/26/2003 Statistics shows more than 20,000,000 people visited LCIFC during April, 2003 with more than 10.9 billions page views across all LCIFC sites around the world and 10,580G data has been transmitted.
9/11/2003 Memorial sub-site has been successfully launched
8/12/2003 LCIFC will fully upgrade its worldwide servers and network infrastructure in the end of 2003 to cope with the exponential growth.
8/7/2003 LCIFC Development Team has successfully implemented the Membership Referral Program, LCIFC member can refer 3 new members and earns towards FREE LCIFC membership
4/6/2003 Attention: All recent order shipping will be delayed as we have many things need to be done, please accept our apologies.
4/3/2003 We will be adding more international bandwidth to our Web site to solve the traffic jam issue, thank you very much for your patience.
4/2/2003 LCIFC's Web sites are under extremely heavy traffics and please be patient when viewing our site. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.
2/19/2003 Test drive the Simplied Chinese Version of LCIFC, many thanks to Service Asia for sponsoring this feature
1/6/2003 LCIFC Editoral team has finished sorting the old news back to year 1977 and will publish on-line very soon
12/29/2002 Breaking News that the average page views on lesliecheung.com network is over 200,000 per day and with more than 12,000 unique visitors from all around the world. This is almost 65% increase!
12/14/2002 LCIFC technical development team has finished integrating WorldPay's global multi-currencies payment gateway with on-line store
11/25/2002 There has been over 800 download of the Stark Impressions screen saver since its release and we are encouraged for more than 100 has actually purchased the screensaver after the trial
11/15/2002 LCIFC has signed up with WorldPay's global multi-currencies payment services and we will restructure price scheme of the on-line store very soon
11/12/2002 LCIFC is negotiating with WorldPay about the new global payment service, the new plan will reduce cost of the on-line store items as the commission is lower from WorldPay.
11/3/2002 Display all results in Gallery Section index page
10/2/2002 LCIFC Network Security Team has confirmed and banned all access from 61.174.171.xxx (Zhe Jiang, China) due to its abusive activities in the past several days
9/27/2002 eCard: Leslie Cheung live performance on stage from year Across 97 concert
9/16/2002 Major hardware upgrade across all lesliecheung.com web sites
9/8/2002 eCard: Leslie Cheung live performance on stage from year 2000 Passion Concert
9/7/2002 Security of Free Mail @gorgor.com has been enhanced to cope with spam mail. Your account will be removed immediately without warning if you engage in spam and your IP addresses will be banned.
9/4/2002 Testing: Access to LCIFC guestbook is limited to members only, please login with your current username and password. Please contact us at info@lesliecheung.com directly if you encounter problems.
8/28/2002 Statistics shown hit rate to LCIFC discussion forum has increased sharply by 500% since June 2002
8/21/2002 LCIFC Editorial team tidies up and consolidates various topics is discussion forum
8/7/2002 Dynamic conversion between Chinese Big5 and GB has been successful implemented by LCIFC Application Development Team.
7/30/2002 LCIFC Editorial team has completed the news input from year 1999
7/28/2002 WARNING! Sharing Accounts: we have recently disabled several member's access to LCIFC due to sharing accounts, note all your on-line activities are logged in real time.
7/25/2002 LCIFC member Chin and Cinderalla have contributed many precious article to LCIFC discussion forum
7/3/2002 LCIFC editorial team has reviewed and corrected the information in each album under Album Collection
5/23/2002 LCIFC has successful reserved DreamLeague.com.hk for Leslie Cheung's new movie production company
4/28/2002 Editorial team has published LCIFC Site Map
4/25/2002 In order to cope with the huge daily traffic, We have moved LCIFC Forum to several stand-alone IBM Netfinity xSeries servers and the response time has improved dramatically.
4/22/2002 LCIFC application development team is working on the Notify sub site that will allow members and non-members to subscribe and unsubscribe news updates automatically
4/9/2002 Poll - 'Voice your opinion and let's vote!'
4/8/2002 LCIFC Hong Kong servers was temporarily out of service between 6:34PM - 9:00PM, as our technical support staffs are exchanging RAID-5 harddisks due to bad block issue.
4/5/2002 LCIFC has finally secured lesliecheung.net on April 4, 2002, besides the top level domain names lesliecheung.com (secured on April 10, 1997) and lesliecheung.org (secured on March 22, 2001)
4/5/2002 Security Alert: IP range 218.244.111.xxx has been permanently banned from accessing LCIFC forum and all related web sites!
3/31/2002 Messages posted in LCIFC forum have exceed 10,000!
2/11/2002 Please note that LCIFC staff team will be on vacation till the week of Feb 18th.
1/27/2002 Security Alert: All payment transaction records are logged and your IP and back trace route will be performed in real time.
1/2/2002 Total voting statistics has been added to Album Collection Rating, Movie Collection Rating and song list rating for each individual album.
1/1/2002 LCIFC staff team will be on vacation till JAN 11, 2001, see you in year 2002!
12/15/2001 Breaking News that the average page views on lesliecheung.com network is over 120,000 per day and with more than 6,000 unique visitors from all around the world.
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