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7/10/2002 News: Stomach problem has infected Leslieˇ¦s sound chord Member Only
7/9/2002 Magazine Archive: Friendship between Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung Member Only
7/8/2002 Magazine Archive: Midnight encounter Leslie Cheung Member Only
7/7/2002 Magazine: The 'truth' reported from Sudden Weekly Member Only
6/30/2002 News: Commercial for Citibank Cathay Pacific VISA Member Only
6/26/2002 News: Leslie is not in Hong Kong for shooting the MV Member Only
6/26/2002 News: John Woo said Leslie has the potential to go to Hollywood Member Only
6/26/2002 LCIFC Newsletter: New Album 'Crossover' will be released in July Member Only
6/23/2002 News: New album 'Crossove' will be released soon Member Only
6/20/2002 News: I am fine Member Only
6/20/2002 Magazine: The F4 from Hong Kong Member Only
6/19/2002 Magazine Archive: 'Adore Leslie' album has broken the IFPI record Member Only
6/18/2002 Magazine: Latest Album 'Crossover' Member Only
6/17/2002 Magazine: Louie and Leslie had a promise Member Only
6/15/2002 Magazine Archive: Leslie want to collaborate with Maggie Cheung Member Only
6/12/2002 News: New album has been delayed Member Only
6/9/2002 News Archive: Leslie and Jacky went to Taiwan for the awards Member Only
6/8/2002 Magazine Archive: Leslie's frankness and favourites Member Only
6/7/2002 News Archive: 'Farewell My Concubine' shooting progress in Beijing Member Only
6/7/2002 News: Pirate version of Inner Senses in Singapore Member Only
6/7/2002 Magazine: Gor Gor may leave UMG soon Member Only
6/6/2002 Magazine: Leslie Cheung LIVE in Malaysia!! Member Only
6/6/2002 LCIFC Publication: 1997 concert report from Sydney Member Only
6/5/2002 News Archive: Leslie attended good friends wedding party Member Only
6/4/2002 News Archive: Leslie will act as a police man in his coming movie Member Only
6/4/2002 News: Leslie Cheung has went back to work and preparing for his coming album Member Only
6/3/2002 News Archive: It's purely personal taste! Member Only
6/2/2002 News Archive: Leslie competes with Tony for the best actor award Member Only
6/2/2002 Magazine: Do not touch my 'Leslie' star Member Only
6/1/2002 News: Leslie talked about his sleeping problem and the coming new album Member Only
6/1/2002 Magazine: The kid star has grown up now Member Only
6/1/2002 News Archive: Leslie is going to Berlin Member Only
6/1/2002 News Archive: 2 millions profit after selling the flat Member Only
5/30/2002 News Archive: Leslie keep secret for Ka Ling and Tony Member Only
5/30/2002 Magazine: Fung Shui of Leslie's house Member Only
5/29/2002 News Archive: Qi Gong helps to treat hair problem Member Only
5/28/2002 News Archive: Leslie has accept the offer to film 'Red Lover' Member Only
5/27/2002 News Archive: Leslie finally accepted the offer Member Only
5/26/2002 News Archive: Movie shooting progress in China Member Only
5/25/2002 LCIFC Publication: The One and Only Leslie! Member Only
5/25/2002 News Archive: Special version of Red in 'Ninth Happniess' Member Only
5/25/2002 News: Leslie attended Nokia 8910 event in Hong Kong Member Only
5/25/2002 Magazine: Red line in the temple for Tong Tong Member Only
5/24/2002 News: Leslie has health problem recently Member Only
5/24/2002 News: Leslie attended Willie Chan's birthday party Member Only
5/24/2002 News Archive: Leslie is shooting the new film 'Ninth Happniess' Member Only
5/23/2002 News Archive: 10% off for the new movie salary Member Only
5/22/2002 News Archive: Competing for the Best Actor Awards Member Only
5/22/2002 Magazine: Leslie Cheung is in trouble recently Member Only
5/21/2002 News: Leslie attended the charity event and welcomed by fans Member Only
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