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5/31/2005 Attention Mr. John Luke, please contact us for your account activation
8/10/2003 WARNING! Sharing Accounts: we have recently disabled several member's access to LCIFC due to sharing accounts, note all your on-line activities are logged in real time.
1/8/2003 Tomoko Oshi please contact us ASAP for your recent LCIFC membership payment
12/18/2002 LCIFC wishes everyone Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!
9/30/2002 Iris Fong and Queenie Lam, thank you very much for donate all your Leslie collection to LCIFC
9/17/2002 We have encountered slightly technical problems. Please contact our technical support team directly at info@lesliecheung.com if you have problem such as login to member's area, etc.
9/17/2002 Attention: You will need to re-submit your membership application if you have applied after September 5, 2002, we apologize for the inconvenience.
7/9/2002 Join LCIFC now via PayPal! LCIFC has signed up with PayPal on-line payment service.
7/7/2002 As requested by many members, LCIFC will incorporate PayPal into our on-line e-commerce system soon
6/13/2002 Katie Lam please contact us ASAP for your membership activation
5/18/2002 If you have sent LCIFC membership by cheque, please let us know at info@lesliecheung.com asap, thanks!
3/20/2002 Notice to mainland China applicants: Please remember to put down your LCIFC username when sending the postal order
3/12/2002 Applicants from China can now pay membership via postal order
2/16/2002 LCIFC is arranging new payment method with Bank of China for our mainland China members
2/12/2002 LCIFC Team wishes everyone a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!
2/1/2002 Winnie Loh, thank you very much for donate all your Leslie collection to LCIFC
1/17/2002 If you have paid the membership by credit card, then your account activation information has already been sent to you via email, we have processed all the recent applications finally!
1/13/2002 If you have already submitted the membership on-line and still waiting for activation of your account, please be patient as we have received many applications after the new year. Thank you very much!
12/24/2001 Merry Christmas to all LCIFC Members, send an eCard today!
10/10/2001 Members sign-up rate has increased by 500% for the past 3 months and we have members from 15 countries around the world now
8/28/2001 Helene Shin, thank you very much for contribute all your Leslie collection to LCIFC
8/18/2001 LCIFC's Hong Kong server has been pulled out of service for about 1h 45m due to hardware failure, thank you to HKCIX data center technical support, everything is back to normal again on 1:11PM.
7/20/2001 Winnie Tang, please contact us asap for your membership activation
6/9/2001 If you still haven't received the item you ordered for more than 2 weeks, contact us at info@lesliecheung.com for shipping tracking information, please quote with the Item Order ID
4/11/2001 Please kindly discard the today's 6 error LCIFC newsletters
4/10/2001 Josephine Poon please contact us ASAP for your membership
3/16/2001 Ming Pao Weekly: Leslie is giving out oil painting for lucky ones
3/15/2001 We have shipped out all 1st and 2nd round LCIFC internal Passion Tour Grand Final ticket reservation
3/7/2001 We made a typo in our latest newsletter, the order deadline should be March 08, not Feb 08. Thank you for your notice.
3/2/2001 Please note we have changed our ePoint valuation system to 10 ePoints = US$0.10
3/2/2001 We will start to ship out the Easter concert ticket next week
2/22/2001 Kumiko Kanai, please contact us for your membership
2/19/2001 Passion Tour concert reservation (Deadline: Feb 24, 2001, 10:00PM)
2/15/2001 Fun Music confirmed all the ticket orders today and they will try to arrange front seat for LCIFC members.
2/11/2001 We have sent out individual Passion Tour (HK) order confirmation already, if you still haven't received it, please contact us ASAP.
2/7/2001 Important: If you have already paid the concert tickets reservation on-line and returned the order form, then your reservation is confirmed.
2/2/2001 In order to reserve your concert tickets, please make sure you complete the on-line payment before Feb 8, 2001
2/1/2001 Leslie Cheung Passion Tour (Hong Kong) Concert Ticket Order Information Member Only
1/30/2001 Congratulations to the winner of LCIFC's re-launch luck draw Member Only
1/30/2001 Please note we will contact the winners of the lucky draw seperately, if you received the winning letter, then you are confirmed to be one of the winners.
12/31/2000 Please contact us ASAP for your membership activation: Takayo, NamiNami, liberty, MAKICHI, YANAGISAWA, kerokero, hlylvlckwk, anita, poplife, hisako, mayumichan, nakasima, enuchet, sang, akko
12/30/2000 Please contact us ASAP for your membership activation: Chungring, poppo, funfun, moyesii, Benling, Wakako, JUDYNGAI
12/28/2000 There are still a few existing members who haven't get back to us, please contact us asap at info@lesliecheung.com about your membership migration. Please include your username and user ID.
12/24/2000 Merry Xmas to all LCIFC members around the world!
12/24/2000 Notice for existing members who still haven't returned your member form before Dec 22, 6:00PM (HKT), there will be some delay in your membership integration.
12/19/2000 Important notice to existing members: if you can't login to member area, please contact us at info@lesliecheung.com for more information.
12/18/2000 Do you know that you can save HK$40 (or 6.25%) on your membership if you choose to pay for 2 years.
12/12/2000 Terry Wong, thank you very much for contribute all your Leslie collection to LCIFC
11/15/2000 Ms. Moko, please contact us for your membership, it's been over 2 month since you paid.

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