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10/9/2002 LCIFC enters its 8th successful year since 1994

For Immediate Release

September 12, 2002 marks another milestone in LCIFC's history as we have successfully transformed into one of the largest on-line entertainment portal in the region after 7 year's hard work.

Over the past years, we make no mistake in improving and extending our services to members, and we have live up to our highest standard and fully achieved our re-launch slogan (Dec. 2002) "Moving into eCommerce and digital entertainment age".

Things has been ever changing since LCIFC was launched in September 12, 1994, we have been extremely busy providing many first hand information and latest news and also helped many to obtain their exclusive concert reservations. Over the period, LCIFC has also been frequently mentioned in press and media, our hard work has enabled us to earn top recongnition worldwide. More and more fans have contributed their entire private collection to LCIFC and willing to share with others.

The dream has finally become true and LCIFC has finally become a place for fans around the world who adore Leslie Cheung!

In order to evaluate our progress in the year 2001, the management of LCIFC decided to grade our projected task completion status, please refer to 07/20/2001 issue of LCIFC press releases "Global operation expansions plan and 2nd round investment from Interactive Asia". The following result is in % of satisfaction measurement by LCIFC management. Again, we welcome your feedback and please directly send your comment to info@lesliecheung.com.

Editorial and Content Production Team:
- Focus will be in publishing news and magazine clips before year 1995 (75%)
- Integrate the content from old LCIFC site, the integration will include music, movie, news and gallery. (75%)
- Enhance gallery section by adding exclusive photos, photo book and multimedia files (40%)
- Improve album, movie collections with limited length of previewed audio and video streaming files (85%)

Application Development Team:
- Improve the enterprise application response rate and eliminated security in programming (90%)
- Enhance the FAQ section and add A.I. style help yourself solving the problem agent/robot (15%)
- Classified service for public and members to post and exchange items (90%)
- Add more easy on-line publishing functionalities to the site administration section (80%)
- E-Card service for public (90%)
- Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) applications to help our customer support and account team to handle inquiries efficiently (98%)

Network Team:
- Implement enterprise load-balanced servers at different locations around the world, this will be transparent to the end user (85%)
- Enhance security and reliability by adding cluster nodes and redundant servers. (70%)
- Adding more power to the centralized database server (90%)

Marketing Team:
- Focus in increasing revenue from on-line advertising banner (65%)
- Pro-actively search for strategy business partners (75%)
- Event driven promotion with business community (70%)

Human Resources Team:
- Recruit more talented staffs in assistance with the expansion, particularly looking for Web editors, translators, developers and network engineers (85%)

Financial Forecast:
At current expansion rate, the projected return of investment and revenue balance should break even by the mid of year 2002. (70%)

Reliability, availability and serviceability are and continue to be LCIFC's premium target for customer satisfaction. Among the above, the greatest improvement can been seen locates in Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) applications, particular in membership application process as the time for whole process has been reduced to 3-4 hours compares to previously 7-14 days. We have employed several dedicated customer support officers who have been working hard in answering inquiries. In additional, with the increase in customer support, we are able to keep the inquiry response time within 1-2 hours compares to 6-12 hours previously.

Particularly thanks to the sophisticated automated software built by our technology partners. Visitors fill in their application on-line and choose the payment either on-line or off-line now. All the activation process is done automatically as well including creation of various accounts (web access, streaming service and email aliases), notification of account activation and membership details. Renewal is also tracked automatically and notification will be sent to member accordingly as well.

For editorial team, with the help of the advance content management system the process of publishing has greatly reduced to 5-10 minutes per article compares to 20-30 minutes per article and related update pages. Not to mention LCIFC Newsletter has been created, approved and sent to individual member from the system automatically as well. We understand the most urgent place for improvement is gallery section, LCIFC editorial team will be adding many exclusive photos and multimedia files in the following months.

From the membership statistics, we can see Japanese fans continue to be the largest group of member, most of the fans check updates daily at LCIFC, but most active period is Sunday. The most surprising thing is our Hong Kong based membership has also increased by 200%, this indicates quality stays the number one priority for most customers. LCIFC has long history and proved records of providing excellent service and content, this is the sole reason why we have seen such dramatic in our Hong Kong based membership.

Furthermore, account activity tracking is performed in real time and any abusive login has been automatically recorded and account is blocked immediately if the system received an alert. In additional, our network security team has been working extremely hard in fighting with the intruction and related issues. LCIFC's sites has always been the top target for hackers because of its well known branding and large scale eCommerce Web applications. Our worldwide servers are under great attack from different places almost 30 times per second and thanks to our professional network security consultants that there has been no break in record even after 7 years of trails.

Finally, for your information, LCIFC technical team has just successfully performed worldwide upgrade to our infrastructure including network connection, enterprise level Web server, database server and streaming servers. Visitors will immediately experience and gain advantage of faster connection and lightening response of the Web applications.

All these will ensure LCIFC to keep up its top competitiveness! We will continue our tradition of excellence and provide the best of the best services for fans who adore Leslie Cheung with unbiased view!

About lesliecheung.com

Since 1994, lesliecheung.com has been the leading entertainment portal in the region with members around the world. lesliecheung.com aims to create an one-stop portal for fans around the world to extend their support onto the web and provide latest information about the Hong Kong's most successful artist Leslie Cheung.

Visit www.lesliecheung.com

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