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8/31/2002 News Archive: Leslie attended friend's wedding party Member Only
8/30/2002 News Archive: Leslie's Turtle Cove dream house Member Only
8/30/2002 Magazine Archive: 120K monthly rent for new house Member Only
8/29/2002 News Archive: Leslie's first Member Only
8/28/2002 News Archive: I will never give up Member Only
8/28/2002 News: Leslie will take the lead supporting role in his new movie 'Shanghai Family' Member Only
8/27/2002 News Archive: Leslie said that he has no more privacy Member Only
8/27/2002 News: Leslie and Anthony won the best artist award Member Only
8/26/2002 News Archive: Leslie devotes to work Member Only
8/25/2002 News Archive: Latest album 'Forever' Member Only
8/24/2002 News Archive: Leslie made huge profit from selling his dream house in Turtle Cove Member Only
8/22/2002 News Archive: Hard working Leslie Cheung Member Only
8/22/2002 News: Leslie's sister supports him Member Only
8/22/2002 LCIFC Newsletter: Soundtrack of 'Days of Being Wild' and Improvement in Gallery Section Member Only
8/21/2002 News: Sword Master has been turned into a cartoon film Member Only
8/18/2002 News: New MV with Vivian Chow for 'Cross Over' by Anthony Wong Member Only
8/17/2002 News: Leslie and Anthony two in one Member Only
8/16/2002 LCIFC Newsletter: Real time conversion between Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters Member Only
8/16/2002 News Archive: Leslie is very popular in Japan Member Only
8/13/2002 News Archive: Performing artist for Fai Gor's concert Member Only
8/10/2002 News Archive: Saving Hong Kong movie industry Member Only
8/10/2002 News Archive: Charity auction organized by CRHK Member Only
8/9/2002 Magazine: Leslie attended 'The Touch' premiere to show his support towards Michelle Member Only
8/7/2002 News: HKCD's comment about Crossover Member Only
8/7/2002 News: Leslie is the super star Member Only
8/7/2002 Magazine: The Touch premiere Member Only
8/6/2002 News: Twins denied the rumor of collaboration with Leslie Member Only
8/6/2002 News: Edison Chan's parents and Leslie Cheung Member Only
8/5/2002 News Archive: Moonlight Express Member Only
8/3/2002 Magazine Archive: Gathering with Japanese fans in Hong Kong Member Only
8/2/2002 News Archive: Leslie Celebrates His Birthday Quietly Member Only
8/1/2002 Magazine: Leslie attended Michelle's new movie premiere Member Only
7/30/2002 News: Leslie showed up in 'The Touch' premiere Member Only
7/30/2002 News Archive: Cheung Behind Cameras Member Only
7/27/2002 News: Anthony Wong talked about Leslie Cheung Member Only
7/27/2002 News: Korean fans asked Karena Lam to send their message to Leslie Member Only
7/27/2002 Magazine: Leslie's favourite Chinese home feel restaurant in Jordan, Hong Kong Member Only
7/26/2002 News: Leslie has not response to the direct friend's film Member Only
7/26/2002 News: Comment about Crossover Member Only
7/26/2002 News Archive: Leslie Cheung seems unhappy with reporters. And he does not accept Member Only
7/23/2002 News Archive: Leslie Cheung's Shenzhen Concert Member Only
7/21/2002 News: Latest album 'Crossover' has been released in Hong Kong Member Only
7/18/2002 Magazine Archive: Leslie attended Tokyo International Film Festival Member Only
7/18/2002 LCIFC Newsletter: New album Crossover and online ordering information Member Only
7/16/2002 News: Many negative news around recently Member Only
7/16/2002 News: Will Leslie act China's greatest poet Hamilton Hsu? Member Only
7/16/2002 Magazine Archive: RTHK Solar 2000 promotion at the peak Member Only
7/11/2002 News: Mao Mao and Gor Gor plays MahJong Member Only
7/11/2002 Magazine: Leslie refuse to promote for the new EP Member Only
7/10/2002 News: Dinner in Happy Valley with Tong Tong Member Only
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