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12/5/2001 Magazine Archive: Interview with Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung Member Only
12/3/2001 Magazine Archive: 'Happy Together' side story from Tony Leung Member Only
12/2/2001 Magazine Archive: Hong Kong cinema sweeps Japan off its feet Member Only
12/1/2001 Magazine Archive: 'Happy Together' limited version poster Member Only
11/30/2001 Magazine Archive: Leslie Cheung and His Gender-Bending Aesthetic Member Only
11/30/2001 News: Leslie may attended the Mui MUSIC SHOW Member Only
11/30/2001 News: Leslie Cheung and Mr. Tong attended the Ms. Bak memorable event Member Only
11/29/2001 News: Anita Mui talked about his best friends in RTHK's interview Member Only
11/29/2001 News: Leslie Cheung brought cigars as a birthday gift for a good friend. Member Only
11/29/2001 Magazine Archive: Movie 'Happy Together' critics Member Only
11/28/2001 Magazine Archive: Leslie Cheung moved into his new house in Hong Kong Member Only
11/27/2001 Magazine Archive: 'Temptress Moon' nearly perfect Member Only
11/27/2001 News: Leslie with Eunice Lam at wedding party Member Only
11/26/2001 Magazine Archive: Harassment rumor Member Only
11/25/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: 'Fang Hua Jue Dai' - The new duet song with Anita Mui after 17 years Member Only
11/24/2001 Magazine Archive: HK$7 Billion gift from Leslie's god mother? Member Only
11/23/2001 Magazine Archive: Leslie spent HK$2,500 per month for hair treatments Member Only
11/22/2001 Magazine Archive: Leslie hiding in toilet and fetches Godson from school Member Only
11/22/2001 News: Shooting the latest film in Macau Member Only
11/22/2001 Magazine: Dance with Pansy Ho in Macau Member Only
11/21/2001 Magazine Archive: Comment about other Hong Kong movie directors Member Only
11/20/2001 Magazine Archive: Leslie Cheung return to Hong Kong entertainment industry Member Only
11/20/2001 News: Leslie went to see Elton John's concert Member Only
11/19/2001 News: Leslie dances with Pansy Ho in the private party in Macau Member Only
11/19/2001 News: Leslie sits between Stanley Ho and prime minister of Macau Member Only
11/19/2001 Magazine Archive: Accident encounted with Next Media repoter Member Only
11/18/2001 Magazine Archive: Leslie Cheung's secret luxury house in Vancouver, Canada Member Only
11/18/2001 Magazine: Leslie attended Ming Pao Weekly's annual award Member Only
11/17/2001 News: Leslie attended the Ming Pao Weekly Annual Awards event Member Only
11/17/2001 Magazine Archive: Leslie Cheung and Leon Lai Member Only
11/17/2001 News: Anita Mui's 20th Caeer Year Anniversary Celebration Member Only
11/16/2001 Magazine Archive: Sincerity Member Only
11/16/2001 News: Leslie will perform the new duet song with Anita Mui Member Only
11/15/2001 News: RTHK 20th Anniversary Celebration Member Only
11/15/2001 Magazine Archive: Leslie Cheung - The Super Star Member Only
11/14/2001 Magazine Archive: 'Long and winding road' Shooting Report Member Only
11/13/2001 Magazine Archive: Farewell to Hong Kong Entertainment Member Only
11/12/2001 Magazine Archive: Leslie Cheung's Frankness Member Only
11/12/2001 News: Leslie is very interested in the Ferrari F360 Member Only
11/12/2001 News: VIP guest in the coming Andy Lau's organized event Member Only
11/12/2001 News: Will Leslie be a guest star in Alan Tam's Guang Zhou concert? Member Only
11/11/2001 News: Leslie went to studio to record UMG's duet song
11/11/2001 Magazine Archive: Leslie feels more cozy with his nursemaid Member Only
11/10/2001 Magazine Archive: 'A Time to Remember' interview with Leslie by Sina Member Only
11/10/2001 News: Leslie prefer shooting movie than singing Member Only
11/9/2001 News: Leslie will attend Anita Mui's concert in December Member Only
11/9/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: LCIFC eCard service launched! Member Only
11/9/2001 LCIFC Publication Archive: 'A Time to Remember Story' by Yun Yan Member Only
11/8/2001 Magazine Archive: An exclusive 'A Time to Remember' interview with Leslie Member Only
11/8/2001 News: Leslie will participate in the charity song organized by UMG
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