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6/12/2001 News: Ophelia Cheung talked about her brother Leslie Member Only
6/12/2001 Magazine: Leslie enjoyed the Grand Finale very much Member Only
6/11/2001 Magazine: Pictures added to the article Leslie's First Tear Member Only
6/11/2001 News: Leslie went to see Brigitte Lin's new born Member Only
6/9/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Leslie went to Tokyo for his movie promotion Member Only
6/7/2001 News: Promotion for 'Okinawa - Rendez-Vous' in Japan Member Only
6/3/2001 News: Lunch with friends in China Club Member Only
5/31/2001 News: Returned from Beijing with two new movie contracts Member Only
5/29/2001 News: Press Conference at Beijing Ocean Museum Member Only
5/27/2001 Magazine: Leslie Cheung attended Mr. Chan's birthday party Member Only
5/23/2001 News: Leslie attended Chan's birthday party at Park View Member Only
5/20/2001 News: Opening ceremony for Singapore China Club Member Only
5/16/2001 Magazine: Comments about 'Once Upon an Ordinary Girl' Member Only
5/15/2001 Magazine: Don't Try for me Argentina by Christopher Doyle Member Only
5/14/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: One of the most controversial image released by Leslie Cheung Member Only
5/13/2001 Magazine: Edison Chan's father attended Leslie's private party Member Only
5/11/2001 News: Second hand cloths selling for Tung Wah Hospital Charity Member Only
5/10/2001 Magazine: Second hand cloth selling for charity from Leslie Cheung Member Only
5/8/2001 Magazine: Forever Leslie by Time Member Only
5/5/2001 Magazine: Don't make me wait Member Only
5/4/2001 News: Interviewed by Time Member Only
5/2/2001 News: VIP of the 20th Hong Kong Film Awards Member Only
4/27/2001 Magazine: Leslie interviewed by i-Cable plus multimedia Member Only
4/27/2001 News: Leslie directed the new MTV Member Only
4/27/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Leslie will attend the 20th Hong Kong Film Awards Member Only
4/26/2001 News: 20th Hong Kong Film Award VIP Member Only
4/22/2001 Magazine: Leslie attended master Bai's private birthday party Member Only
4/21/2001 Magazine: Leslie Cheung, The Natural Beauty of the Earth Member Only
4/21/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: TVB released the series Once Upon an Ordinary Girl Member Only
4/20/2001 News: Concert celebration in Happy Valley Member Only
4/20/2001 News: Leslie and Tong Tong attended the birthday party of Master Bai Member Only
4/19/2001 News: Star East and Leslie's Drama with Anita Mui Member Only
4/18/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Rare collection of Leslie's early day's cassette tapes Member Only
4/17/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Last night of the Passion Tour Grand Finale Member Only
4/17/2001 News: Last night of the Grand Finale Member Only
4/16/2001 News: Teresa Mo attended Leslie's Grand Finale Member Only
4/13/2001 News: Leslie continues the passion in the second night Member Only
4/12/2001 New: Passion Tour Grand Finale, the excitement returned to Hong Kong Member Only
4/12/2001 News: Leslie's Grand Finale first night concert was huge successful Member Only
4/11/2001 News: Gifts for every fans who attend the Grand Finale Member Only
4/11/2001 News: Leslie presents the oil painting to lucky winner Member Only
4/11/2001 News: Ming Pao interview with Leslie Cheung Member Only
4/11/2001 News: NO PHOTO taking during the Grand Finale Member Only
4/11/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Short notice on previous mistake newsletters Member Only
4/10/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: The most important announcement from Leslie Cheung since his came back in year 1995 Member Only
4/10/2001 News: Leslie has quit the share of Wei Nin Zhong Qing Member Only
4/9/2001 Magazine: Interview with Gordan Chan Member Only
4/9/2001 News: Leslie will temporarily farewell to the stage again Member Only
4/9/2001 News: Leslie is planning to leave UMG after the contract expired Member Only
4/7/2001 News: Leslie replied to FM701 TV series Member Only
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