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3/19/2002 News: Karena said it's difficult for her to act a psycho Member Only
3/19/2002 News: Leslie went to friends' birthday party Member Only
3/19/2002 News Archive: World tour planning Member Only
3/18/2002 News Archive: Leslie enjoys being a movie director Member Only
3/17/2002 News Archive: Press conference of Happy Together Member Only
3/17/2002 News: Karena Lam talked about Gor Gor Member Only
3/17/2002 Magazine: Leslie Cheung from Double Tap to Inner Senses Member Only
3/16/2002 Magazine: Wei Ning Zhong Qing has renamed to Queen's Cafe Member Only
3/16/2002 News Archive: Latest development in the new film Member Only
3/15/2002 News Archive: My comments towards two famous HK film directors Member Only
3/15/2002 Magazine: Leslie went to Chinese University to give lectuer Member Only
3/15/2002 News: Leslie comforts his fans as they desperately ask for premiere tickets Member Only
3/14/2002 News: Leslie confirmed his schedule for shooting the latest movie 'Steath by Heart' Member Only
3/14/2002 News Archive: 1 Billion reward for the come back concert Member Only
3/13/2002 News: Inner Senses Photo book Member Only
3/12/2002 Magazine: Preview of 'Inner Senses' Member Only
3/12/2002 News Archive: Gong Li's is too huge for me Member Only
3/11/2002 News Archive: Leslie disappointed about Temptress Moon's box office record Member Only
3/11/2002 News: Latest movie directed by Leslie is going to shoot in Qing Dao Member Only
3/10/2002 News: Leslie went to see Jiang Wen for director advice Member Only
3/9/2002 News Archive: Leslie is very busy shooting three movies in the same time Member Only
3/8/2002 News Archive: Leslie joked about his hair treatment Member Only
3/8/2002 Image added: Leslie Cheung is shining brightly in life with smile and self-respect Member Only
3/7/2002 Magazine Archive: Shooting scene of 'Inner Senses' in Macau Member Only
3/6/2002 Magazine: Yam's report about Leslie Cheung Internet Fan Club Member Only
3/6/2002 Image added: Leslie's Self Obsession Member Only
3/6/2002 News Archive: Wei Ning Zhong Qing grand opening Member Only
3/5/2002 News Archive: Shooting of Shanghai Grand has been smooth Member Only
3/5/2002 News: I've not seen Tong Tong for a long time... Member Only
3/4/2002 News Archive: Temptress Moon represents Hong Kong in the competition Member Only
3/3/2002 News Archive: Leslie is going to attend the Cannes Award with Gong Li Member Only
3/2/2002 News Archive: My way of thinking has completely changed! Member Only
3/2/2002 Magazine: I can have anything at my will Member Only
3/1/2002 News: Innner Sense and Japanese fans gathering in Hong Kong Member Only
2/28/2002 News: 'Gor Gor is my best friend'! Member Only
2/28/2002 News: Karena Lam the lucky girl Member Only
2/28/2002 News Archive: Leslie did not buy insurance for his coffee shop Member Only
2/27/2002 News Archive: Massive impact among Shanghai fans Member Only
2/26/2002 News Archive: Leslie went to Shanghai for the grand opening Member Only
2/26/2002 News: Gor Gor's favourite Won Ton restaurant Member Only
2/26/2002 News: High tea at Mandarin Oriental coffee shop Member Only
2/25/2002 LCIFC Newsletter: Japanese fans gathering with Leslie Cheung in Hong Kong Member Only
2/25/2002 News Archive: My come back is purely to satisfy my own desire! Member Only
2/24/2002 News Archive: Final encounter with the legend in 1989 Member Only
2/23/2002 News Archive: The most expensive singer Member Only
2/23/2002 News: Japanese fans gathering with Leslie in Hong Kong Member Only
2/22/2002 News Archive: Leslie became the dream lover among queer community Member Only
2/21/2002 News Archive: Leslie took Alan Tam's original concert booking in Hong Kong Member Only
2/20/2002 News Archive: Across 97 concert comment Member Only
2/16/2002 News: Sung kindly refused Leslie's invitation Member Only
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