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2/19/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Public on-line concert reservation and bew auction items Member Only
2/18/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Passion Tour VCD has been released Member Only
2/18/2001 News: Latest photo album and Passion Tour ticket selling Member Only
2/17/2001 News: Security and privacy protection of Leslie's new house Member Only
2/16/2001 News: Easter Passion Tour concert ticket selling Member Only
2/16/2001 News: UMG media promotion in Hong Kong Member Only
2/13/2001 News: Latest film 'Vacation' progress Member Only
2/12/2001 News: VIP of the shooting competition opening Member Only
2/11/2001 Magazine: New house renovation completed Member Only
2/9/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Order Confirmation Letter Member Only
2/7/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Concert Ticket Reservation Reminder Member Only
2/4/2001 LCIFC Publication: Gor Gor's early life Member Only
2/3/2001 LCIFC Publication: Greeting from 98/99 staff team Member Only
2/2/2001 News: Eunice Lam birthday party Member Only
2/2/2001 Magazine: The beautiful princess in his previous life Member Only
2/1/2001 LCIFC Publication: Greeting from 97/98 staff team Member Only
2/1/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Leslie Cheung Passion Tour (Hong Kong) Concert Ticket Order Information Member Only
1/31/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Clarification for winner of the LCIFC's re-launch lucky draw result Member Only
1/31/2001 LCIFC Publication: Member statistics analysis back in 1998 September Member Only
1/31/2001 Magazine: The opening VIP of China's famous film director Zhang Yi Mo's new company Member Only
1/30/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Congratulations to the winner of LCIFC's re-launch luck draw Member Only
1/27/2001 News: First day of Chinese New Year horse racing in Hong Kong Member Only
1/21/2001 Magazine: Leslie's new house update Member Only
1/21/2001 Magazine: The Power of Music from Leslie Cheung Member Only
1/21/2001 News: VIP guest for 23rd RTHK Award Member Only
1/21/2001 News: 'All About Leslie' photo album II coming soon. Member Only
1/21/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: 'All About Leslie' photo album II coming soon Member Only
1/20/2001 News: 23rd RTHK Golden Song Award result Member Only
1/19/2001 Magazine: The he and she behind Leslie Cheung Member Only
1/19/2001 Magazine: Forever Leslie Member Only
1/18/2001 News: RTHK Golden Song Award: The best selling artist of the year Member Only
1/18/2001 News Archive: Pirate concert VCD found from Malaysia Member Only
1/15/2001 News: Year 2000 TVB JSG Awards winner Member Only
1/15/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Congratulations to Leslie for winning year 2001 TVB Awards Member Only
1/14/2001 News Archive: Congras to James Wong, the winner of grand music award Member Only
1/14/2001 News Archive: Typhoon 'Sang Mei' may interrupt Leslie's concert in Shanghai Member Only
1/14/2001 News Archive: Being appointed as the Year 2001 CASH Music Ambassador Member Only
1/11/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Intelligent auction service powered by Pai Mai Asia Member Only
1/10/2001 News: Leslie attended wedding ceremony of an old friend Member Only
1/9/2001 News: Leslie Cheung returned from Beijing, China Member Only
1/9/2001 Newsletter: Junk mail protection and policy Member Only
1/9/2001 Magazine: Interview about 'From Ashes to Ashes' Member Only
1/9/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Junk mail protection and policy Member Only
1/8/2001 Magazine: Career life at Mandarin movie back in 1987 Member Only
1/8/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Successful first live show from Hong kong Member Only
1/2/2001 News: 'Pass By Butterfly' of the album Untitled for winning RTHK¡¦s Top 10 Pick (4th place) Member Only
1/1/2001 Magazine: The way it is, Leslie Cheung Member Only
12/31/2000 Edison Chan appreciated the support from Leslie Cheung Member Only
12/31/2000 Magazine: Shooting of RTHK's special Member Only
12/28/2000 LCIFC Newsletter: Notice about the coming live broadcast event on Jan 7, 2001 Member Only
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