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8/25/2001 Magazine: Queen's Cafe Member Only
8/24/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Jukebox - Dedicate the song to the one you love and care Member Only
8/23/2001 Magazine: Edison Chan and Leslie Cheung Member Only
8/22/2001 Magazine Archive: Leslie supports charity sale, items starting from HK$900 Member Only
8/21/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Exclusive on-line order of Passion in China photo book Member Only
8/20/2001 News: Leslie attended the dog show as the award presenter Member Only
8/16/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Leslie will attend the Hong Kong International Dog Show this Sunday Member Only
8/16/2001 News: Invitation of Lesile to be the VIP of ATV's millionaire program has been suspend Member Only
8/15/2001 News: Leslie will participate in his new thriller movie Member Only
8/12/2001 News: Leslie is preparing his career path to Hollywood Member Only
8/11/2001 News: ATV's millionaire program plans to invite Leslie as the VIP Member Only
8/11/2001 News: Leslie will participate in a Hollywood film in November Member Only
8/10/2001 News: Leslie attended Brigitte Lin's new born one month celebration party Member Only
8/10/2001 News: Leslie has withdrawn from the CASH award Member Only
8/10/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Leslie is back in Hong Kong and photobook deal with SHC Co. Japan Member Only
8/9/2001 News: Leslie Cheung and CASH Golden Award competition Member Only
8/8/2001 News: Leslie Cheung's new movie Member Only
8/6/2001 Add many 1997 to 2000 newsclips Member Only
8/5/2001 News: Leslie attends Rotary Club of Island Sunrise event Member Only
8/4/2001 News: Leslie will join Wong Kar Wai's new film '2046'? Member Only
8/3/2001 Magazine: Gor Gor's brother Cheung Fat Wing Member Only
7/31/2001 Magazine Archive: Leslie Cheung is shining brightly in life with smile and self-respect Member Only
7/30/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Happy Birthday to Leslie Cheung Member Only
7/27/2001 Magazine Archive: Leslie Cheung and Kinki Kids in Hong Kong Member Only
7/24/2001 News: HK Government promotional short films Member Only
7/21/2001 LCIFC Publication: LCIFC 3rd Year Anniversary celebration message from members Member Only
7/21/2001 Magazine: Leslie, you are always there Member Only
7/20/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Passion Tour in China photobook and exclusive item for auction Member Only
7/20/2001 LCIFC Publication: Greeting from 97/98 chief editor Chi Tao Member Only
7/18/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Global operation expansions plan and 2nd round investment from Interactive Asia Member Only
7/18/2001 LCIFC Publication: 1998 LCIFC member statistics charts with analysis Member Only
7/13/2001 Magazine: Michael Lai and Anita Mui Member Only
7/12/2001 Magazine: Andy Lau misunderstood Leslie Cheung Member Only
7/9/2001 Magazine: Fun Music and Leslie Cheung Member Only
7/2/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Leslie's 1980 TV series The Spirit of the Sword Member Only
6/29/2001 Magazine: VIP Leslie Cheung attended Shanghai Esprit grand opening Member Only
6/24/2001 News: Esprit Shanghai mega store grand opening VIP Member Only
6/22/2001 News: Leslie talked about Japan idol group KinKi Kids Member Only
6/22/2001 News: Haircut in Central, Hong Kong Member Only
6/21/2001 Magazine: Leslie Cheung called Shu Qi a 'Sex Goddess' Member Only
6/20/2001 News Archive: More than 100 news from year 2000 were added Member Only
6/18/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: Annoucement: Winners of the Best Year 2001 Article Member Only
6/17/2001 News Archive: More than 25 news from year 1999 were added Member Only
6/16/2001 News: Latest movie Ruined Senery resumed shooting Member Only
6/15/2001 Magazine: Stuck on a star in the east Member Only
6/15/2001 Magazine: Title of Leslie's English album Member Only
6/14/2001 Magazine: Interview with Hong Kong Director Ronny Yu Member Only
6/14/2001 Magazine: Anita Mui blamed Florence Chan for her incline-ness towards Leslie Cheung Member Only
6/13/2001 News: Leslie participated in HK Government's short film Member Only
6/12/2001 News: More pictures added to June 6 news Member Only
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