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11/5/2001 Magazine Archive: Leslie Cheung: A Eighteen Years' Strenuous Work Member Only
11/4/2001 LCIFC Publication Archive: Chasing Star by Alice Yao Member Only
11/4/2001 News: 'A Better Tomorrow' no way! said by Leslie Cheung Member Only
11/4/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: CASH Music Award Gala Night Member Only
11/3/2001 LCIFC Publication Archive: LCIFC 1st Global Gathering Application Form Member Only
11/3/2001 Magazine Archive: EVERYTHING about Leslie Cheung spells 'mellow' Member Only
11/2/2001 News: Leslie Cheung may attend the coming car show in Hong Kong Member Only
11/2/2001 Magazine: Leslie looking smart! Member Only
11/1/2001 Magazine Archive: Hollywood roles? I'll think twice - Indifferent Cheung Member Only
11/1/2001 Magazine: Tong Tong brought gift to... Member Only
11/1/2001 Magazine: Leslie switched his movie agency to JC Group Member Only
10/30/2001 Magazine Archive: Passion in Hong Hum Stadium Member Only
10/29/2001 News: 'Inner Senses' progress report from Stanley, Hong Kong Member Only
10/28/2001 Magazine: Leslie is negotiating the new movie contract with Tsui Hak Member Only
10/28/2001 Magazine: The golden days of Capital Artist Member Only
10/28/2001 News: Leslie attended CASH Golden Sail Music Gala Night Member Only
10/27/2001 News: Karena Lam studied very hard to see Leslie when she's young Member Only
10/25/2001 News: Leslie attended Deng monther's birthday party Member Only
10/23/2001 Magazine: Don't make up the things that I didn't do Member Only
10/21/2001 News: Capital Artist closed business operation Member Only
10/19/2001 Magazine: Leslie Cheung is looking for a new house Member Only
10/17/2001 News: Leslie went to Macau to film 'Inner Senses' Member Only
10/16/2001 Magazine: Leslie's Best Companion Member Only
10/14/2001 News: Karena Lam, the lucky girl with super star Leslie Cheung Member Only
10/13/2001 LCIFC Publication: Leslie's movie biography Member Only
10/12/2001 Newsletter: Leslie's autography sessions in Japan Member Only
10/11/2001 Magazine: Leslie's Mahjong Crazy Member Only
10/10/2001 News: Leslie and Bingo Member Only
10/8/2001 News: Leslie will attend the CASH Golden Sail Award Member Only
10/7/2001 Magazine: Leslie attended the I.T. fashion show Member Only
10/6/2001 News: Leslie's response to recent tabloid news Member Only
10/5/2001 Magazine: Leslie is holding hands with Tong Tong Member Only
10/3/2001 News: Progress in latest film 'Unicorn Hunt' Member Only
10/2/2001 Magazine: Leslie is a good badminton player Member Only
10/2/2001 News: Main actress is under great pressure in Leslie's new film 'Inner Senses' Member Only
10/1/2001 News: Leslie Cheung autography session in Tokyo Member Only
9/30/2001 Magazine: Leslie Cheung refreshment Member Only
9/29/2001 News: Leslie attended the I.T. fashion show in convention center Member Only
9/28/2001 Magazine: Gor Gor and Tong Tong pray for luck and fortune Member Only
9/27/2001 News: Leslie came back from his Thailand vacation Member Only
9/23/2001 News: Leslie's new action film 'Unicorn Hunt' Member Only
9/22/2001 News: 'The Kid' movie premiere in Shanghai, China Member Only
9/22/2001 News: Leslie acts as a mental disease doctor in his new film 'Inner Senses' Member Only
9/18/2001 Magazine: Follow Leslie to the best noodle restaurant in Happy Valley Member Only
9/16/2001 Magazine: Interview with the professional photographer Wing Shya Member Only
9/16/2001 News: 'Leslie in China' photo book released in Japan Member Only
9/14/2001 News: Leslie held his private birthday party in Wai Chia with close friends Member Only
9/13/2001 News: Birthday party in Hong Kong Member Only
9/12/2001 LCIFC Newsletter: A Time to Remember and Happy Birthday to Leslie Member Only
9/6/2001 News: Leslie went to noodle shop in Happy Valley with Tong Tong Member Only
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