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2/15/2002 Magazine: Leslie attended designer YK Chan's private event Member Only
2/12/2002 Magazine: Gor Gor brought a special birthday gift to Eunice Lam Member Only
2/10/2002 News: 'Inner Senses' movie premiere Member Only
2/10/2002 Magazine: Gor Gor loves the STT restaurant in Macau Member Only
2/9/2002 News: Leslie went to Korea for acting collabaration Member Only
2/8/2002 News Archive: Shooting 'Tristar' in Macau Member Only
2/4/2002 News Archive: Leslie attended Eliza Chan's wedding party Member Only
2/2/2002 Magazine: Florance Chen brought 'Dimond Watch' for Leslie as gift Member Only
2/2/2002 News: Discussing latest movie contract in Alabar (Happy Valley) Member Only
2/1/2002 News: Performing artist in Lam Man Yee's concert Member Only
2/1/2002 News: 'Inner Senses' will compete in international film festival Member Only
2/1/2002 News: Leslie will appear in Deanie Yip's latest MV Member Only
1/31/2002 News: Leslie will attend Roman's birthday party Member Only
1/30/2002 Magazine Archive: Anita Mui and Rouge Member Only
1/29/2002 Magazine Archive: My personal view of Leslie's career Member Only
1/28/2002 Magazine Archive: Leslie's look alike Member Only
1/27/2002 Magazine: Alabar bar in Happy Valley Member Only
1/27/2002 News Archive: Chinese New Year movie Member Only
1/26/2002 News Archive: World-wide tour plan for the new drama Member Only
1/26/2002 Magazine: Salad and chicken breast for dinner Member Only
1/26/2002 Magazine Archive: Leslie and Jastin Member Only
1/25/2002 News: Leslie will go to Singapore for the MTV Awards Member Only
1/25/2002 LCIFC Publication: 1997 concert report from Sydney Member Only
1/24/2002 Magazine Archive: Facial treatment la prairie Member Only
1/23/2002 Magazine: Leslie's favourite restaurant in Shanghai Member Only
1/22/2002 Magazine Archive: Gor Gor and school uniform Member Only
1/21/2002 News Archive: Leslie is planning to star 'Opium War' Member Only
1/21/2002 Magazine: Mandarin Oriental Coffee Shop Member Only
1/20/2002 Magazine: Leslie and Korean movie star Member Only
1/20/2002 Magazine: UMG duet performance in TVB Jade Solid Gold Awards Member Only
1/20/2002 Magazine Archive: Nothing comes easy Member Only
1/19/2002 News: Diner with Korean star in Happy Valley Member Only
1/18/2002 Magazine Archive: Together under the same roof Member Only
1/17/2002 Magazine Archive: true love will last forever! Member Only
1/16/2002 News Archive: Leslie's 40th birthday in Hong Kong Member Only
1/16/2002 News: Family reunion in Shanghai restaurant Member Only
1/15/2002 News: Leslie went to see Cecilia after attending TVB JSG Award Member Only
1/15/2002 Magazine Archive: Gor Gor went to PP party Member Only
1/14/2002 News: Leslie and Anita Mui in TVB JSG Awards Member Only
1/14/2002 News: Leslie is discussing the new film detail with Wong Member Only
1/14/2002 News: Korean pop star will feature in Tsui Hak's new film Member Only
1/13/2002 News: Leslie will present the TVB award to Anita Mui Member Only
1/13/2002 LCIFC Newsletter: Live Broadcasting of TVB Jade Solid Gold Awards Member Only
1/13/2002 Magazine Archive: Interview with Leslie in Vancouver Member Only
1/12/2002 News: Leslie went to see the art collection show Member Only
1/12/2002 Magazine: Leslie having lunch at Peninsula Hotel Member Only
1/11/2002 News: 'Inner Senses' will be shown in Easter Member Only
1/10/2002 Magazine: Gor Gor like the Japanese restaurant in Happy Valley Member Only
1/8/2002 News: Leslie went to see Cecilia in the hospital Member Only
1/5/2002 News: Leslie attended Valerie Chow's birthday party Member Only
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