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9/13/2004 News: Happy Birthday events organized by fans Member Only
9/6/2004 News: 'Time with Leslie' will be released in Chinese Member Only
4/27/2004 News: Fans will send flowers to the ceremony of Avenue Of Stars Member Only
4/24/2004 News: Leslie and Anita will shine on the Avenue Of Stars Member Only
4/7/2004 News: The second version of Scalded Fireworks VCD Member Only
4/3/2004 News: Memorial events organized by passionate fans continue in Hong Kong Member Only
4/2/2004 News: Memorial events on April 1st, 2004 Member Only
4/1/2004 News: Opening of Leslie Cheung wax statue a tribute to a legend at Madame Tussaud's Hong Kong Member Only
3/31/2004 News: Special MV of Leslie dedicated by Ms. Florence Chan Member Only
3/30/2004 News: Illegal selling of memorial booklet Member Only
3/25/2004 News: UMG's new album is going to be released on April 1 Member Only
1/13/2004 Magazine: Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung Member Only
1/13/2004 Magazine: Roman, Leslie and Anita Member Only
1/9/2004 Magazine: Rememberance of the super stars Member Only
1/7/2004 Magazine: Anita Mui on stage Member Only
1/4/2004 Magazine: Anita Mui's best friend Leslie Cheung Member Only
12/31/2003 Magazine: Mr. Tong is going to leave Hong Kong soon Member Only
12/31/2003 News: Anita prefered her funeral decoration like Leslies' Member Only
12/30/2003 News: Anita Mui passed away at age 40 Member Only
12/30/2003 News: 2003 is the most heart breaking moment for many Leslie fans Member Only
12/24/2003 Magazine: The sad year for entertainment industry Member Only
12/20/2003 Magazine: Awards presentation at year end Member Only
12/20/2003 News: Emil Chow dedicated songs to Leslie in Rock Record 10th anniversary concert Member Only
12/20/2003 News: RTHK Golden Songs paid tribute to Leslie Cheung Member Only
12/19/2003 Magazine: Japanese fan's gift to Mr. Tong Member Only
12/16/2003 News: Leslie's death has broken many Korean fans' hearts Member Only
12/13/2003 News: Chen Zhi Peng will play the role of Leslie in an on-stage drama in Shanghai Member Only
12/12/2003 News: Leslie Cheung Tribute in LA, USA Member Only
12/7/2003 Magazine: Chen Dao Ming looks like Mr. Tong Member Only
12/3/2003 Magazine: He lives in our hearts Member Only
11/29/2003 News: Mr. Tong is going to appeal again for the copyrights Member Only
11/27/2003 LCIFC Newsletter: It is almost 8 months since Leslie left this world... Member Only
11/26/2003 News: Leslie Cheung exhibition in Taiwan Member Only
11/21/2003 Magazine: Look alike Member Only
11/19/2003 Magazine: Leslie Cheung is my most adored person Member Only
11/15/2003 Magazine: Leslie and I Member Only
11/13/2003 News: Mr. Tong lost the appeal case to Alvin Leong Member Only
11/12/2003 Magazine: The one and only Leslie Cheung Member Only
11/11/2003 Magazine: Michael Lai talked about Leslie Cheung Member Only
11/6/2003 Magazine: Encounter Member Only
11/6/2003 News: Anita Mui will dedicate her concert to best friend Leslie Member Only
11/6/2003 Magazine: The 40 years anniversary of Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Member Only
11/6/2003 Magazine: Face depression Member Only
11/5/2003 Magazine: Film director Ronny Yu Member Only
11/5/2003 News: Director Law talked about Leslie Cheung Member Only
11/4/2003 News: Karena Lam talked about her feeling towards Gor Gor Member Only
11/3/2003 News: Anthony Wong paid tribute to Leslie Cheung in his concert Member Only
11/3/2003 Magazine: Mr. Tong went to Cova with Master Bai Member Only
11/1/2003 News: Korean Idol Group WAX reproduced Moonlight Express Member Only
10/29/2003 News: Chairman of the ECSAF appreciated for Leslie's contribution to charity Member Only
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